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Crowley University - 04 - Self Defense
Chapter Four
I made it to class just as the bell rang. Khulan’s dispute with Hill during breakfast had gotten a bit too heated, so Mei and I lost a bit of time getting them to calm down and stick to their original plan of settling it at the dueling club later. If those two actually ended up exchanging blows right in the middle of the dining hall, someone would have ended up calling campus security, and… well, I don’t like talking about those guys, so for now let’s just say that even in a university where most programs spit in the face of everything man knew about physics less than a decade ago, and where a good chunk of your classmates are supernatural horrors from beyond the world we know… even somewhere like that, no one wanted to be around when they arrived on the scene…
But glad as I was that we all dodged that particular bullet, it was time for class, so once I entered the gymnasium where this particular program was taught, I took a seat in the
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Mature content
Crowley Extra Credit- Possession :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 6 3
Crowley University - 03 - Breakfast
Chapter Three
One thing I should probably get out of the way: Crowley University is huge.
I had a rough idea that I could get lost in this place when I first saw the pictures on the school website and brochures back in high school, but even now, when I’ve been living on campus for a whole month, I could still easily get lost in this place. I remember reading Harry Potter as a kid (and as an adult… okay, I read one of the books yesterday) and how labyrinthine and impossible to navigate Hogwarts was described as in the first book. But now, I can say with full confidence that Hogwarts has nothing on Crowley U.
They just couldn’t stop at building a school campus extending well over a mile, couldn’t they? No, obviously building a university for supernatural studies was the perfect opportunity to test out non-Euclidian architecture! This has the happy result of making the school a complete labyrinth of corridors and stairwells that look like something out of an M.C. E
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Gangsters and Grimoires Ch3
Chapter Three
In Which a Unicorn Bails Caligula Out of Jail
As Officer Nikolaev escorted him down the hallways of the police station, Caligula began to feel tenser and tenser. What did the police captain want to see him for? It was clear when he was arrested that the police already had him on file. Surely there wasn't anything they needed to know about him that they didn't already know.
Then Caligula remembered. The police's knowledge of him probably came from his university records, so they wouldn't have known about his staff. Chances are they wouldn’t respond well to his explanation of how it came into his possession, assuming they believed him at all. The circumstances in which it was made for him were… unique, to say the least, and not even Caligula knew all the details of why his old mentor made it for him. And while some magical items could be purchased at any convenience store without a licence, something of that staff’s grade was certainly not one of them.
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Gangsters Grimoires Ch2
Chapter Two
In Which Caligula Becomes Cellmates With a Druid.
This was not turning out to be the best day in Caligula's life. In fact, it probably ranked somewhere in the bottom ten, which was an impressive achievement, considering how many of those days fell into the 'too much information' category.
As he sat moping in an anti-magic prison cell, he had time to reflect on his recent mistakes. Blasting an undercover police officer in the chest and running away would probably come back to bite him in the ass, considering harmful misuse of magic, especially against an officer of the law, was a definite strike against him if he ever applied for a licence in the future.
Ever since the Magical Revolution ushered in a new age of magical understanding in the late 1700s, the criminal element of many societies had begun recruiting magical beings and utilizing the arcane arts themselves to further their crimes. With such widespread criminal use of magic quickly becoming problematic for law enforc
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Gangsters Grimoires Ch1
Chapter One
In Which a Wizard Gets Arrested
Caligula Ragnarok did not want to be here. This street had quite the reputation in Toronto for being a bad part of town, where criminals and lowlifes of all stripes came to lay low. Anyone who came here with a full wallet and without some kind of firepower was just asking for trouble. And yet here he was, at the door of a run-down apartment building he suspected was probably a crack house.
Surely, this was not the place for a novice wizard to be at sundown. And certainly not the place one would expect to find a wizard fully qualified to train him. But at the end of the day, he wasn't going to find many others who were going to agree to train a Toronto University of Wizardry dropout.
Not that he thought he should have been expelled to begin with. A botched portal spell was hardly worth all the commotion, he believed. Besides, it wasn't like he meant to summon that eldritch horror. But half a destroyed campus and a monumentally po
:iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 5 1
Interviews with Cryptids- Sasquatch by MapleSamurai Interviews with Cryptids- Sasquatch :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 5 5 The Eyes Have It - WIP by MapleSamurai The Eyes Have It - WIP :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 17 9 Faulty Apprentice Merchant by MapleSamurai Faulty Apprentice Merchant :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 5 3
Mature content
Crowley University - 02 - Morning :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 3 0
The Seven Autobots Ch1
Centuries have passed since the Great War between the Autobot Commonwealth and the Decepticon Empire, the two primary factions of the robotic Transformer race, rocked the planet Cybertron. Sentinel Prime and his Autobots were victorious, and the Decepticons were driven off of Cybertron. With the days of ceaseless war ended, Cybertron's High Council was restored and the work of rebuilding could begin. Reforms were put in place to make Cybertron a functioning peacetime society, restoring commerce between city-states but limiting their military power, as well as establishing colonies on other worlds in the Hadean System and beyond. Within decades of reconstruction, all was peaceful on Cybertron… for the wealthy, that is.
While reducing the size of the individual city-state's armies did do well to prevent future civil wars on Cybertron, it also had the unfortunate side effect of leaving many warrior class Autobots unemployed. The new caste system put in place by Sentinel Prime's H
:iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 1 0
Mature content
Crowley University - 01 - Study Group :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 3 2
Half-Orc Gunslinger by MapleSamurai Half-Orc Gunslinger :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 4 0 Victoria Cross by MapleSamurai Victoria Cross :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 3 0 Roboronto Main Mechs (Sketch) by MapleSamurai Roboronto Main Mechs (Sketch) :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 6 0 Alexandra Attacking by MapleSamurai Alexandra Attacking :iconmaplesamurai:MapleSamurai 5 1



Ben Cormier
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Just a quick look at what I've been working on lately apart from my writing. Since I am a visual artist as well as a writer, I thought I might try my hand at drawing my own characters. I tend to have a good idea of what each of my characters look like when I write them anyway, so I thought I'd share some doodles of the Crowley University crew.

Crowley University Cast Sketchbatch WIP v2 by MapleSamurai
Work in progress, of course. Expect to see more finished versions in the near future. :)
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